Goals vs Strategies vs Tactics

Most new recruits into this industry are taken straight to tactics with little to no consideration as to their goals and a strategy designed around their goals and skill sets. What is the 1st thing that almost all companies tell their newbies? Make your list of everybody you know.

Sending a new recruit out . . . → Read More: Goals vs Strategies vs Tactics

Pushing Rope Uphill

We have all done it. We have recruited a shining star that looks so good. We just know that this person is going to make our deal. They have every advantage; they are a great center of influence, they have accomplished amazing things in other deals, they have the skills sets, in short they . . . → Read More: Pushing Rope Uphill

A ‘Buggy Whip’ Generation

We ARE a ‘buggy whip’ generation. How so you ask? Technology is changing so fast and almost everything we do is influenced and enhanced by all the technologies flooding on the scene with tons more to come. Prior methods of getting things done are being abandoned for methods that use the benefits of these . . . → Read More: A ‘Buggy Whip’ Generation

Foundations Of Skillfull Leadership

“Leadership—Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” ∼Albert Schweitzer

If you want to build a large, successful team in Network Marketing, you will eventually transform yourself into a Leader. People want to work with Leaders. Nothing happens without leadership. In the beginning you may want to attach . . . → Read More: Foundations Of Skillfull Leadership

Everybody Is A Prospect?

We hear this all the time from industry leaders in meetings, presentations and 3 way calls. What a complete load of it. If you are buying into this myth it could be the 1st nail in the coffin of your Network Marketing career.

If this concept is your primary perception you will eventually experience . . . → Read More: Everybody Is A Prospect?

Do You Love People?

I clearly remember one of my big screw ups when I was in the corporate world.

I had an elderly lady who was running one of the machines on the manufacturing floor. She was having difficulty with the machine so I abruptly moved her to another function and put someone who I believed was . . . → Read More: Do You Love People?

The Problem With Opt-in Pages

Most of us in Network Marketing use Opt-in pages to attract prospects to our business. However the majority of those using the Opt-in page concept are following a self-defeating strategy because of how their opportunity is presented after the prospect opts in.

The problem is that 99% of networkers using opt-in pages are taking . . . → Read More: The Problem With Opt-in Pages

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